Review: Journal Of The Plague Year – Post-Apoc #scifi


Journal Of The Plague Year
By: Malcolm Cross, C. B. Harvey, Adrian Tchaikovsky
Sub-Genres: Post-Apocalyptic / Plague


Rating: 4 Stars


This is a book containing three separate stories by three different authors who use the same post-apocalyptic world as their backdrop. I went into this as a stand-alone, because I have not read any of the other books in this series or by these authors, and this book was my first introduction into the post-apocalyptic world of The Cull. Overall, the stories are great post-apocalyptic reads by themselves, but I rated each individually to get an overall four-star rating.

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YEEHAW PEWPEWPEW! Space Western: Starlander’s Myth by Melissa Aires #amreading #scifirom

Tracing The Stars is hosting Melisse Aires’ relaunch of her Sci-Fi Space Western romance Starlander’s Myth. This book has a lot of great elements and genre-mashing goodness, including western, frontier space, romance and steampunk.


From the Author:

The Space Western

I blame my parents. As a child we spent many summers seeing the historical sites of my home state, Montana, and my mother’s home state, Wyoming. One of my mom’s ancestors was a trapper, James Bordeaux, who opened trading posts in Nebraska and Wyoming. He had two wives who were Sioux Indian sisters—at the same time. So I grew up with pioneering lore. My first real job after college was in an authentic one room school in the middle of actual nowhere, with more pioneering lore(as in 90% of the settlers died their first winter, and people sewed their children in to wool union suits until spring).

What, you ask, does this have to do with science fiction romance?

I have a series called the Diaspora Worlds, long established planets originally settle by Terran space pioneers.

But somebody had to be first, back when it was lawless and dangerous. They had to plant crops and try to develop medicines, mine for metals and fuel, and risk dangerous space travel for goods and services.

My novella Starlander’s Myth takes place in this period. The world of Starlander’s Myth is the same world as my Diaspora Worlds series, just much earlier in history. It is a lawless time.

Another influence was the TV show Firefly. I watched it and loved the western elements. Also to listen to the dialog, which had that old fashioned Civil War era sound.

Starlander’s Myth is mixed genre. Romance, steampunk elements, space western, paranormal/supernatural elements. It was originally planned as a trilogy, and now I have the rights back I am looking forward to delving into this world again!


starlanderfinalSMALLAsteroid miner Jack Starlander stumbles upon the illegal sale of a woman and child with unusual abilities. In the ensuing shoot out, two important men die. Jack, Sophie and her daughter and Jack’s close neighbors are forced to flee to safety. Their journey takes them into deadly danger.

Sophie is a creature from myth and she recognizes the mythic thread in Starlander’s family legend. Perhaps his family’s story can save them.

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Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert fight to be on Star Wars Ep 7 & So Can You #starwars Supports #UNICEF

Good morning! Taking a break from reviews to share this most awesome bit of news. 
UNICEF has partnered with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to raise funds with hilarious results.  

Here is official charity fund site : Support UNICEF and you could win a role in SW Ep7!

Review: The Circuit by Rhett C. Bruno – 5 Star Sci-Fi


The Circuit: Executor Rising
By: Rhett C. Bruno
Sub-Genres: Solar System Colonies / Dead Earth / Political / AI / War & Rebellion – Stars, this book has it all.


Rating: 5 Stars


The Circuit, I believe, has a little bit of something for every science fiction reader. Although there are a few hiccups, mostly with over-description, I could find no true negatives while reading this book. It offers “massive world building done right”, an exploration of human nature, the development of artificial life, politics, social conflicts and a fully fleshed-out, believable future. The characters within The Circuit are unique and three dimensional, and most have no black or white lines drawn – offering instead a gray concept of justice and injustice that all depends on how you, the reader, relate to the characters and their motivations.

For the author’s ability to allow the reader choice when it comes to deciding who is right or wrong, although I dare say that is a highly blurred line in this book, I give The Circuit five stars.

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Gamebreak – Three Sci-fi related game reviews #scifi #gamer

Thought I’d take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to discuss something else I enjoy besides writing and reading. This past weekend, Steam, a digital gaming platform and community, had their annual Summer Sale. They do big sales like these twice per year (the other being their Winter Sale) in which popular game titles, from big names to indi-produced, go on sale, sometimes for under 5$. I picked up four games this time around, spending 25$ of my royalties on over 100$ worth of games. Three of them are in the sci-fi genre, so I thought I’d give three reviews in case you’re interested in something new to play. Continue reading

Starry Nights Winners Announcement!


A huge thanks goes out to all the author participants for their wonderful posts, and to all those readers who stopped by to check them out. You can read the official SFR Brigade winner announcement post by clicking here.

1st – Meri Bee
2nd Sierra McBride
3rd Alan Saxon, Melissa Weeks, Blair Smyth

Aaaaaaand the winner of my blog’s prize for a copy of Preconceptions is….. Everyone!  As a big thanks to all those who took the time to stop by and leave a comment, I am giving all those who left a comment a copy of Preconceptions. So, look for an email from me soon :)